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Propose Shayari in English
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In today’s article, we have told you 101+ Propose Shayari in English which are very good and wonderful shayari. Friends, if you like someone and you want to propose to them with the help of poetry, you are not finding poetry, you are searching for poetry on Google, then today you have reached the right article. In which we have told you more than 101 proposing poetry.

Friends, if you have a crush and want to propose to him, then let us tell you that if you propose to your crush with the help of poetry, he will be very happy and will feel special and very good. So that he will accept your proposal. So come friends, let us know which is more than 101 Propose Shayari in English.

110+ सलामती की दुआ शायरी

propose shayari in hindi
propose shayari in hindi

There is one thing in our heart today we tell you,

We don’t want anything from you, we just want you.

Your name needs the support of my surname,

Did you understand or do you need some other hint?

If you love me then express it,

Mention your love publicly today.

If you don’t love me then deny me,

Take my innocent heart, break it into a thousand pieces.

I expressed my love by writing a letter,

And rumor spread throughout the city that my alpha had made them ill.

Many times I thought of expressing my love,

But I am afraid that my right to see you might be taken away.

Let me express today,

I love you.

This heart is dedicated only to you,

You are the one for whom I die.

There is a secret in my heart, how should I show you?

I have fallen in love, can I tell you how?

And the world says don’t write names on your heart,

How can I erase the name that has been written?

Today I am requesting for love,

You can do it or reject it anytime, it’s your choice.

It’s good for those who don’t express their love.

Die silently but do not defame anyone.

His wish is that we express ourselves through our tongues,

Our wish is that they should understand the language of the heart.

It is not necessary to express the loss of heart.

This spectacle is not necessary in Sar-e-Bazaar.

Somehow that expression should happen once,

Even if you say it with your eyes, it may be denied with your tongue.

They applied it with their lips and left it,

He said, this much poison is enough to kill every bit of you.

Whenever you saw me silent, you became my smile,

I don’t know what is there in you that within a few minutes of meeting you became my life.

You say I forget everything,

But I always have every memory of you with me.

Whatever dreams we have seen with you,

Let us together turn them into reality.

Let us love each other.

How can one lose consciousness in love?

Seeing you, I know that ever since we fell in love,

Since then we have only asked for you from God.

Loving you is my weakness,

You are as important to me as breath.

Who never bowed before anyone,

Today he is expressing his love by bowing down.

Who never believed in love,

Today he is falling in love with you.

Whenever love was mentioned, I remembered you.

When I wanted to forget you, I remembered you.

How did we know that we would fall in love with you as soon as we saw each other?

The one whom we considered a dear friend will one day become the prince of dreams.

I cover you with your love and spread it with you,

You are visible in every aspect, now I see you even in my dreams.

I stay away from love,

I stay away from any beautiful face.

I know I am not going to get that,

That’s why I don’t express my love.

Such was my story which I told him only,

It was my love story which I told only to my love.

I did everything in love,

But she left everything of mine and went away.

2 line propose shayari
2 line propose shayari

I loved someone but,

Someone else confessed his love to her before me.

No one’s nights are spent,

No one’s life is cut short.

No one wastes time in this love,

In this affair of love.

I was drowned in his love,

But I drowned and expressed my love to her.

I was lost in his love,

I was crying today after ruining my life just for his love.

Such was my story, which I told him only,

It was my love story, which I told only to my love.

Even if you hate someone, do it with utmost sincerity.

Because often the time of heartbreak can come at any time,

After hating in love.

How can I praise your beauty, you are just a rose.

If I don’t see you, all I remember is that dry pond.

We think it is important to express love,

But it can be known by some signs,

That he loves only you.

Sometimes yes and sometimes no happens after expressing love,

Let’s love something that has no limits.

Expressing love is not a big deal,

But they should also like it.

Love happens but

They should also love us.

You are a rose flower, we are just a blank paper,

Today we write on that blank paper that we love you very much.

Top 50+ Khwaja Garib Nawaz Shayari

I stay away from love,

I stay away from any beautiful face.

I know I am not going to get that,

That’s why I don’t express my love.

Seeing you in my dreams, my heart loses its agreement,

No matter how much I try to stop myself, I keep falling in love with you.

We placed our thirst on your lips,

Is there anything else I need to tell you?

God only knows why you apply henna on your hands.

You don’t understand much, you put colors of leaves on flowers.

Whoever has created a bad situation in love,

He says, Oh, what is there in love?

We have written the story of your love in our hearts,

Neither little nor much has been written,

Please include us in your prayers sometime,

We have written every breath in your name.

We think it is important to express love,

But it can be known by some signs,

That he loves only you.

Sometimes yes and sometimes no after expressing love,

Let’s love something that has no limits.

Propose shayari text
Propose shayari text

What else will we see after seeing you,

We see you everywhere.

That the heart is like a glass which will make a sound when broken,

This pain is such that no one will cure it.

And even if the beloved turns out to be unfaithful,

Still, he will always rule the heart.

Now he no longer has faith in love, Murshad.

She screams and curses the love of my soul.

Everyone cheats, had you done something different,

He kept his love intact and kept on asking to get me.

This is what you do to everyone,

Our heart doesn’t even believe how you do this.

I will be afraid I won’t be able to say,

I will not be able to bear his separation.

Just understand this, she will go away,

I will die, I will not be able to live without him.

Not everyone is a crazy lover like me,

Those who are left to die by unfaithful people like you.

Whenever I talk about love,

Understand that I express it to him.

I agree, it is difficult for me to express my love.

And if you also want then you can also do this.

Rejected his expression,

Seeing yesterday’s love, he started questioning their love.

It was an expression of love, it gave me a new dream,

When she kept the book to read, she gave it a rose.

His wish is that we should express it through our tongue,

It is our wish that he should understand the language of the heart.

Keep one wish by your bedside,

Please show me kindness today.

Please express your love quietly.

I have been longing for a long time to write a declaration of my love,

You write something once that we become crazy after reading it.

Come let’s give a name to silent love today.

Give a lovely end to your love.

Before the weather gets angry,

Give a melodious evening to your beating desires.

Love is only that which is one-sided, the expression of love becomes a wish,

If there is love then read it in the eyes, expression through the tongue becomes a show.

Ever since I saw you, you were everywhere,

Now my only wish is that you become mine forever.

When will their eyes express,

There will be love for us in some corner of the heart.

The night is passing in his memory,

Someday they too will be waiting for us.

Loving them is my love, not being able to tell them is my compulsion,

Why doesn’t he himself understand what is in my heart and why it is important to express my love?

What is that prostration in which one has the sense to raise one’s head?

The joy of expressing love is when I remain restless and you remain silent.

The one who laughs in sorrow cannot be made to cry,

Water is not removed by waves.

Those who are going to be become our own,

One cannot be made one’s own by calling someone.

I will decorate your love on my eyelids,

We will perform every ritual even after death.

I have nothing to give,

But we will also go to God to ask for your happiness.

It was the fault of these eyes which secretly looked at him,

We had decided to remain silent but our unfaithful tongue revealed itself.

My heart is the sky, you are the moon that resides in it,

Do you know how long you have been my life?

Propose shayari for girlfriend
Propose shayari for girlfriend

Your lovely eyes made such an impact on me,

That my heart left everyone else and selected you only.

Love is an expression that we cannot express even if we want to.

You read our silence and accept us.

The kajal of the eyes has turned the gajra of the hair,

We have kept you in our hearts like a fragrance.

Don’t get angry, we never know how to convince.

Don’t go far, don’t know how to call us.

You forget us, it’s your choice,

What should we do? We don’t know how to forget.

एड्स दिवस पर स्लोगन

We love your voice so much that we can’t express it.

For us you are like a God whom we cannot see.

I will make every sorrow of yours mine,

Come let me hide you in my eyelids.

And what is the use of so much sadness,

Love a little otherwise what is the use of life?

How would your misfortune do to Hayat,

How could I express my love to you?

Let’s drown in the ocean of love,

You are no more, I am no more, let us both become one.

If getting angry is your habit then it is my duty to convince you.

If you get angry a thousand times, I will convince you a million times.

Should I express my memories or ask about the condition of my heart?

O heart, please give me some excuse to talk to him.

Never knew how to express love,

My boat did not know how to cross the river.

Staying apart breaks relationships,

They become connected by being close to each other.

These are strong threads of feeling,

Which becomes stronger by remembering.

There are a hundred more ways, O restless heart,

The expression of complaint should not be in the form of a complaint.

I can read the expression in your eyes,

A crazy lady doesn’t say goodbye to anyone just by smiling.

There is no wish, no expression left,

Still waiting to be connected with you.

It is the fate to lose breath,

But I have some agreement left with life.

The voice of the heart is called expression,

The lowered gaze is called acceptance.

Love is not just a name for getting,

Losing something is also called love.

Friend, please tell me how should I express my love,

She doesn’t understand poetry and we don’t know how to perform it.

Neither do I ever get angry nor do you ever persuade,

It reduced the love between us.

Propose shayarifor boyfriend
Propose shayarifor boyfriend

It’s good for those who don’t express their love.

They die silently but do not defame anyone.

I don’t know how to express my heart’s condition.

We do not know how to torment anyone like this.

We want to hear their voices,

But we don’t find any excuse to talk.

Somehow he should express it once,

Even if you say it with your eyes, you may deny it with your tongue.

I wanted to say that I love him,

It’s taking me ages to say this.

Seeing you, we realized how one can lose consciousness in love.

Ever since we fell in love, I have only asked God for you.

Then love will never be contained, it will be scattered,

Life is not a lock of hair which will be reborn again.

Hold the hand of someone who loves you,

This life will not stop, it will pass.

My heart wants to love you,

Wants to express his love.

Ever since I saw you my love,

I just want to see you.

The journey of life was long and I met you,

I was alone in a crowded world and I found you.

They applied it with their lips and left it,

He said, this much poison is enough to kill you.

Allow us to see a face like the moon,

Allow us to arrange a lovely evening.

Imprison us in the web of your love,

Or allow us to love you.

We expressed our love like this,

Wrote your name on stones with flowers.

It is not in my nature to express my sorrow,

If I am a part of his existence,

I myself should feel that pain of mine.

This is not why I express my love to you,

I have heard that clouds are no longer important after it rains.

People ask us why don’t you express your love,

So we said that we do not love them as much as can be expressed in words.

I wish that my heart’s love should happen once,

May the world see you while leaving.

I also love, you also love,

Why be afraid of the world, let it be expressed.

When these arms call us into their embrace,

We forget our oath and we forget every support.

2 line propose shayari for boyfriend
2 line propose shayari for boyfriend

The world doesn’t even let us express our sorrow,

And if I die, the world does not let me die.

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In today’s article, we have told you 101+ Propose Shayari in English which is very good poetry. Friends, we hope that you have liked today’s article. If you liked our today’s article, then do share it with your friends so that they can also read our today’s article. And if they also want to propose someone with the help of poetry, then they should not have any problem.

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