Best 101+ Happy Birthday Quotes & Wishes in English (2024)

Birthday Quotes
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Hello friends, welcome to our website where we keep bringing new articles for you every day. In today’s article, we are going to tell you Birthday Quotes. Here is the best assortment of birthday wishes, quite lovely birthday wishes with beautiful messages and contact statements that will make her/his important day even more extraordinary.

Find honest birthday messages for inspiration and make her extraordinary day more wonderful with these important, wonderful, and unique wishes. Send birthday wishes to friends and family. To know Birthday Quotes, stay tuned till the end of our good thoughts article. So come friends, let us know which are more than 101 quotes.

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birthday quotes in hindi
birthday wishes in Hindi

Happy birthday, happy new dreams in your eyes.

Congratulations on all the happiness and laughter that life has brought for you today..!

Let me write your age with the moon and stars,

let me celebrate your birthday with flowers like spring.

May I bring such beauty from the world that the entire

gathering will be decorated with beautiful views..!

You are sweeter than chocolate.

What gift can I bring you so sweet, you yourself are a gift..!

Oh God, this is my wish, my love, heaven is ours, whether we are there or not, it is their hands.

But may they get happiness, lovely happy birthday..!

May no one steal your laughter. May no one ever make you cry.

May the lamp of happiness burn in such a way that even a storm cannot extinguish it..!

I pray to God that you get all the happiness in this world.

Spread happiness wherever you go. Happy Birthday..!

today was the best day

Because I got a chance to spend it with you..!

The paths of life are always opening, it always puts a smile on your face.

My heart prays that you be filled with happiness every day of your life.

Happy Birthday to you my love..!

A friend like you deserves all the happiness in the world

May God give you lots of progress in life. Happy Birthday!

We love every day more than this special day which we don’t want to spend without you.

Although my heart always prays for you, still I say happy birthday to you..!

May every wish of your heart be fulfilled and you get happiness wherever you ask for it.

Just one star in the sky, may God give you the whole sky. Happy Birthday..!

May new light come into your life

And may you shine like a star. Happy Birthday..!

life is too short so enjoy every moment

Don’t lose your confidence, always move forward. happy birthday..!

What can I pray for you that will make your lips bloom with happiness?

This is just my prayer, may God make your destiny with the light of stars..!

May you be blessed with hopeful energy on this birthday.

So that you can brighten the dark parts of your life. Happy Birthday..!

quotes for me
quotes for me

Every time I see you I fall in love again

Hope to see you again soon. Happy Birthday..!

May your face always be fragrant with flowers, may your happiness always be one step towards you.

And lots of love and blessings, Happy Birthday..!

Dreams seen with closed eyes can be forgotten, real dreams are those

Those who come when the eyes are wide and the heart is ready to chase them. Happy Birthday..!

This is your birthday, may the happy moments always remain pleasant for you.

And this day is precious, keep the memories burning in your heart, happy birthday..!

Surat brought light and birds sang

The flowers laughed and said, Happy birthday!

Copy The path of the future is uncertain and blurry; the walk is long and tiring.

But in the end, you’ll realize it was all worth it. Happy Birthday..!

may you have lots of happiness

And happiness on your special day. happy birthday..!

Ever since you came into my life, we have found immense happiness.

By getting love from you, we have got a reason to live beyond limits. Happy Birthday..!

May every path be easy, may there be happiness on every path.

May every day be beautiful, may every birthday be like this..!

Happy birthday, happy new dreams in your eyes.

Congratulations on all the happiness and laughter that life has brought for you today..!

May your laughter never diminish and may your eyes never become moist.

May you get every happiness of life, even if we are not included in the happiness..!

There are many distances but understand this, no one becomes special just by being close.

You are so close to my heart that I don’t feel the distance. Happy Birthday..!

I pray to God that there should be no sorrow in your life.

Thousands of happiness are received on birthday even if we are not included in them..!

Flowers have sent nectar, the sun has sent greetings from the sky.

We have sent you a message wishing you a happy new birthday with all our heart..!

Your heartbeat is the story of my life, you are an important part of my life.

My love for you is not just about words, I have a relationship with you from soul to soul..!

quotes for friend birthday
Wishes for friend’s birthday

People feed chocolate with their hands

Hey friend, I have to feed him with my lips. Happy Birthday..!

On your birthday we give

I pray that happiness never separates from your lap..!

Dreams are the only thing that gives you a reason to push yourself forward

Dream big and make them come true so that one day people get inspired by you. Happy Birthday..!

May your smile never diminish and may there be happiness on your face.

But there should be no sorrow in life, happy birthday..!

Today I am giving you my heart as a gift, I don’t want to waste this beautiful opportunity.

I express my heart to you and wish you a happy birthday..!

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Your age is not just information about you, it is proof of this

How much of life you have enjoyed, and how much is still left. Happy Birthday..!

All the illusions of the year have come, there is only one day which has brought happiness.

I am as happy as you are that this day has brought your anniversary..!

So what if you are far away? Today is the day, we remember you, but your shadow is with us.

You think we forget everything, but look, we remember your birthday..!

On the occasion of brother’s birthday, we erase all distances.

We forget all the fights, remember only one thing that he is dearest to us, Happy Birthday..!

I pray that God may grant all your prayers.

May your tomorrow be full of happiness. Wish you a very happy birthday..!

Your birthday is special because you are

‘Close’ to everyone’s heart! And may every hope of yours be fulfilled today..!

I still remember your birthday

Now you just don’t remember Happy Birthday..!

Always stay healthy, fit and achieve highest goals in life

Forget the past and always look towards the future. Happy Birthday..!

I wish you lots of happiness on your birthday.

May you have more success and happy birthday..!

quotes for best friend birthday
Wishes for your best friend’s birthday

happy birthday dear friend i know

May you have a great day and a better year..!

Come, I will write your age with moon and stars,

I will celebrate your birthday with flowers.

I will bring every beauty from the world from spring and

I will decorate this gathering with every beautiful sight..!

May you achieve everything you wish for in life.

I wish you a very happy birthday..!

May your face always bloom like a rose, may your name always shine like the sun.

Even in sorrow, you keep smiling like flowers,

and keep shining like honey in the night. Happy Birthday..!

The cloud spoke to the sun The sun spoke to us

That’s what we say to you, Happy Birthday..!

May there be immense happiness in your life.

May every moment of today be special. Happy Birthday..!

May your smile always be on your face

I pray to God that you complete every phase of life well..!

May the rising sun bless you; may blooming flowers give you fragrance

And may God always be happy for you. Best wishes for your birthday..!

I wish that your birthday also

Happy birthday, be as wonderful as you are.

I will dance myself, I will make you dance too, I will make you dance with great pomp and show

If you ask for my life as a gift, I swear to you that we will sacrifice ourselves laughing..!

Fate is yours, wish is mine

May your future always be bright. Happy Birthday..!

if you weren’t there

There is no such fun in my life. Happy Birthday..!

simple birthday wishes
simple birthday wishes

Today is a very special day for you and us

I hope you remember this today and always. Happy Birthday..!

May every candle burn on your cake

A wish that will turn into reality Happy Birthday..!

May God accept your prayers before us too.

May you keep growing older but keep looking young. Happy Birthday..!

I can spend every moment with you, I can be with you for seven lives.

May this couple always remain ours, may we celebrate your birthday every year..!

May this day bring countless happiness and infinite joy.

And rest in peace, happy birthday..!

May your name be at the pinnacle of success

You are the salute of the world at every step..!

This day is a big day for you I hope

May you celebrate this day with full happiness. Happy Birthday..!

May the giver give you my share of happiness too.

Happy Birthday to you from us..!

Keep smiling like always, today is your day

And may the coming year be filled with happiness, Happy Birthday..!

I am with you with lots of gifts on this day.

Wishing you a happy and fun filled celebration..!

Sent love to you today on your birthday

Move ahead in life and get immense happiness..!

May every happiness and joy beg from you, may life be full of heart and soul from you.

May there be so much light in your destiny that even the moon asks for light from you..!

May every moment smile on your photo, may every sorrow remain unknown to you.

You don’t always have that person with whom your life becomes fragrant. Happy Birthday..!

Be free like the sun, moon and stars.

Happy Birthday to you from us..!

May God make every day of your life as beautiful as you are.

This is my wish, happy birthday..!

May God give you a world full of happiness and lots of progress in life.

May your lips never forget to smile. Give such a gift on your birthday. Happy Birthday..!

You are the two flowers in whose life we ​​smell the fragrance.

Today we congratulate you on your birthday..!

inspirational birthday wishes
inspirational birthday wishes

This birthday don’t tell me your dreams

Rather show everyone Happy Birthday..!

I pray to God that

May you celebrate every day like your birthday. Happy Birthday..!

may your star always shine

Happy birthday to you..!

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I wish you happiness and progress in the year ahead

May God always shower such love and affection on you. Happy Birthday..!

All these sights want to be with you in your celebration.

Everyone wants to bless you on your special day..!

Every year this day comes, every year we all sing

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday..!

Try so that every dream comes true

May God let only your name be heard in the world. Happy Birthday..!

May every moment of your life shine like a star

Our Happy Birthday is such a blessing..!

happy birthday message sent to you celebrate

May your evening be full of happiness today..!

Birthday has come and has brought happiness for you.

You smile every day, that’s why we have prayed to God for you..!

Moon and stars have to be won in this world

Many times more happiness than that kissed your feet..!

We are sending birthday wishes today

May the Almighty complete all your tasks..!

To a very beautiful person, this beautiful

And many best wishes for your special day, Happy Birthday..!

May this birthday fill you with lots of happiness and an atmosphere of fun.

This is my wish in your life. Happy Birthday..!

No blood relation, still we are brothers

I wish you a happy little birthday..!

Be such that everyone is proud of you.

Today you are a slave of time, but tomorrow time should also be your slave..!

inspirational birthday
inspirational birthday

I am fond of the smile on your face

Now on your birthday I am yours, happy birthday..!

It’s a relationship of friendship but you are my brother

Many congratulations to you on your birthday today..!

This is my prayer to God on this birthday

May all your wishes be fulfilled. Happy Birthday..!

happy birthday to such a person

Congratulations, my shadow, Happy Birthday..!

May this relationship full of love always last forever.

Hey friend, happy birthday to you!

You are very special and your birthday should be special too

May God bless you with lots of love and happiness. Happy Birthday..!

you get what you ask for

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you..!

May every path be easy, may there be happiness on every path,

may every day be beautiful, may entire life be like this.

May this be my prayer every day, may your every birthday be like this..!

May your life be like a flower which itself becomes a fragrance that makes people smell good.

This is our wish for a happy birthday..!

I pray to you from the bottom of my heart that you

remain happy and that you don’t face any sorrow wherever you are.

Your heart is as deep as the ocean, may your heart always be filled with happiness..!

quotes for my birthday
quotes for my birthday

Sent love to you today on your birthday

Move ahead in life and get immense happiness..!

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