Best 105+ Most Beautiful Nature Quotes in English (2024)

Nature Quotes
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In today’s article, we have told you 105+ Nature Quotes which are very excellent and wonderful poetry and you are definitely going to like it. Friends, if you also like nature and as you know, there are many such places in India from where if we see the nature of our country, then we feel very good because the nature seen in front is very nice. So friends if you want to read the quotes on good view.

So now you do not need to worry because today you have reached the right article in which we have told you more than 105 Nature Quotes. And all the quotes are very good quotes, so if you are searching for Dil Karti Hai quotes on Google, then now your search is over because today you have reached the right article. So come friends, let us know which are more than 105 Nature Quotes.

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quotes in hindi
quotes in hindi

Learn to be free like the wind,

You are a river, learn to flow like the waves.

I am still afraid of the pleasant weather,

Even today I try to forget him.

You have taught me to change like the weather,

That’s why today this moon has come not for you but for your friend.

If you walk with nature, you will get more than you ever wanted.

The beauty of nature is that gift to us.

You don’t drop leaves from a branch just like that.

Even separated people don’t live long.

Respect the seasons that are about to come,

Don’t count the days that have passed.

The weather has become so pleasant today,

Everyone’s wait is over.

The raindrops fell like this,

As if the sky fell in love with the earth.

Time spent with nature is never wasted.

Heaven is below your feet as well as above your head.

As is the mood, so is the scene,

The weather is inside the human being.

Moon sign is moonlight season,

Not yours, it’s just ours.

The rustle of the wind, the chirping of birds,

The sound of the sea, peacocks dancing in the forests.

They have no value, Because nature is precious.

Today is the spring season,

If I pluck flowers, my hands will get jammed.

There comes a time in everyone’s life,

The one you love with your heart changes like the weather.

short nature quotes
short nature quotes

The world is not what it appears to be,

The world blooms with colors along with nature.

This winter weather has also troubled me a lot,

Then your memories have also woken us up from our sleep.

Made us cry loudly even in cold weather,

Only my friends have saved me from loneliness.

This is how I met you in the first rain of the season,

As if the earth has merged with the sky, as if the drops have done so for the first time.

Hug from the chest of soil and of the same soil,

Your love is spreading everywhere like a sweet fragrance.

You get in this world only what you give to others,

Nature itself is such a system which only gives and does not take anything in return.

Come see these wet seasons of my eyes,

Who said that we have forgotten you?

Who knows the matters of the heart?

Who knows my situation?

It’s just the rainy season,

But who knows the desires of the heart?

Nature is full of beauty,

Its protection is equally important.

Let your hair flow in the wind,

Don’t disturb the weather by tying your hair.

Some have their own style, some weather is colourful,

Whether I praise or remain silent, both crimes are serious.

What a lot of colors nature has shown,

Has taught humans a lesson in exploiting nature.

After being confined at home, I understood,

How much we have made nature cry.

The seasons were plundered by the seasons,

It was not the boat that robbed us but the banks.

Without a lover, every season seems sad,

When your beloved is near, every season feels special.

quotes for instagram
quotes for instagram

It’s a miracle of nature. Look, there is greenery all around.

We cut them and they take care of us.

I cried today remembering forgotten memories,

Today I have soaked the forgotten wounds again.

That’s why I sleep with a long sheet stretched even in cold weather.

I am standing on the rooftop covered in the sunshine of your image,

Winter season is a bit different for me.

At least tie your hair.

They change the weather for no reason.

Don’t ask with a broken heart which season you like best.

Every season feels good when he is with us.

It has been raining like a drizzle, you have become a shower,

Now the weather has come like a hangover,

You stay here in my heart as my love.

Even the heart wanders somewhere in pleasant weather,

Somewhere in that street the heart gets stuck again.

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Something spiritual was said in the pleasant weather,

I didn’t want to love her but I fell in love.

At least take some respect for this pleasant weather.

I have come to your house, please make some arrangements.

Please control these false things a little.

Will you think that hey, at least make arrangements.

Dreams with colorful desires flourish in the heart,

Everyday we are in the mood of hope and despair.

After years of monsoons, the thirst of the world has been quenched,

Who knows, those crazy people get jealous only in Sawan.

You are changing like the weather,

I am being ruined like a crop.

How can anyone give her a rose?

With its arrival the rainy season becomes more rosy.

When you come smiling like this,

So you bring outside weather with you.

Some are your style, some are colorful weather,

Whether I praise or remain silent, both crimes are serious.

How can one who is afraid of getting wet enjoy the rain?

The one who is afraid of separation is not able to love truly.

Someone asked me, what is called change?

I am wondering whose example should I give, the weather or my own people?

beauty of nature
beauty of nature

The weather is so lovely in December.

He is cold but still he is loved by everyone.

Now the wind blows after seeing the city,

Now there are seasons as intelligent as humans.

Even pleasant weather gets spoiled due to storms,

Even fraudsters change with the practice of fraud.

Being outside this cold weather,

By becoming a shower of warmth even in cold weather.

By becoming a filter in life in the beginning,

I am trapped in your love like a helpless person.

Don’t pretend to meet me after breaking my heart.

We have suffered a lot of pain, don’t make this season pleasant.

The heat increased further after these few drops,

The dark dark cloud also entertained me just like that.

The weather is gone, the peace is gone, life is gone,

Don’t ask what happened in the fire of madness.

The winds that touch your face,

The weather of the entire city turns pink.

As is the thought, so is the scene,

The weather is inside the human being.

People do not change like the weather.

Changes in weather become known.

But it takes a long time to notice the change in a person.

Looking at your face a question arises in my heart,

Oh, what wonders your hair does.

There is chaos in the heart even with the throat,

But looking at your heart, I feel sorry.

The strange sunny and shady season has stopped,

Someone is passing through my heart like a cloud.

The season that was gone has returned,

I wish he would try it too.

The heart becomes happy when someone smiles,

This season has become colorless because of his leaving.

If you want to come, there are thousands of ways,

if you don’t want to come, there are thousands of excuses,

The mood is miserable, the road is difficult, the rain is pouring and the weather is bad.

The fun of waiting for you is something else,

Hey, compared to that, even your enjoyment of this season is weak.

enjoying nature
enjoying nature

How much you torment me even after going away,

Miss you a lot in this cold weather.

Hey, don’t worry so much, the weather is pleasant.

Reduce your tantrums a little, why are you so far away, come a little closer.

Someone enters the heart in this way,

After which every season looks colorful.

If you don’t see him, your heart becomes restless.

If you see him, you fall in love.

This rainy season and your memories,

Let’s meet again over a cup of tea.

Somehow the air was cold and some thoughts about you too,

Along with happiness, the heart also felt regret.

The weather is pleasant and it is raining also.

The only thing missing is your hug from me.

How colorful are the seasonal colors,

It lasts only for some time but still this weather is beautiful.

Thousands of happiness reside in the beauty of nature,

This wonderful pleasant music resides in the entire heart.

Nice weather brings joy to the heart,

The estranged couple is reunited.

When a person’s nature is changing, it is not necessary that the person has changed.

The weather outside may be changing.

I don’t understand the weather patterns.

It also becomes unfaithful like humans.

Who said love is unfaithful?

Who said love punishes?

Get completely immersed in someone’s love,

The season of his memories also gives pleasure.

The fun that is waiting for you,

Where is he in the spring season?

Protect your character from the weather,

The fragrance does not return to the flowers.

Somehow the weather and air were cold, some were also your thoughts,

Along with happiness, the heart also felt regret.

When will you give space to the fear of wind in your heart?

Open the sails and the weather has already arrived.

The joy that awaits him,

Where is he in the spring season?

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self nature
self nature

The season of summer is very cold now,

Let’s find sparks in the ashes of days gone by.

Today the weather is also being very dishonest, you are watching carefully yourself.

If I look at him, he is causing trouble.

He carries the sorrow of the whole world on his shoulders,

The havoc of the eyes is suppressed in the heart.

You have made your weather pleasant,

Our climate is up in smoke.

Knows how not to make you laugh, only how to make you cry,

This weather also knows how to trap others.

Do not light a fire in cold weather.

Do not wave your hair in the market.

Today the weather has kept the mood pleasant,

Let’s go inside to see what’s in this nonsense.

The clouds were spread far and wide and there was no shadow anywhere,

The rainy season had never come like this.

Your memories haunt us in this cold weather,

Before you realize it, December will be over.

Every season seems pleasant in love,

Every season gives only sorrow to a broken heart.

The weather has made the eyes drunk,

Every flower I see is a scale.

Many seasons have passed under the shadow of your hair,

We were already dead but we survived with the help of your weather.

This is all I have to say to the pouring rains,

That this kind of weather lives inside me too.

This beautiful evening has made the weather,

Although he doesn’t drink, he is still completely intoxicated.

There is no season for love,

In this era, there is no sorrow if someone becomes unfaithful.

May the weather in your city be very pleasant,

If you don’t mind, I’ll steal the evening.

Should I give the example of the weather or yours?

Someone is asking what is called change?

self quotes
self quotes

When the season of infidelity comes,

The tone of conversation changes.

Even the fallen leaves dry up,

Even couples get upset during winter season.

The day got cold in winter,

Every season was merciless.

Ever since the season of your thoughts has come,

Friends have gone beyond the sunshine and shade of the world.

This season is so much love,

How beautiful is this view.

The crime of falling in love is ours,

Your heart beats in my chest.

Which those innocent eyes gave,

I am still suffering from those deceptions.

Life seems sad, time seems sad,

This season seems sad when you feel sad.

I wish you feel the cold of love in the winter season,

And you yearning for me like a blanket.

When there is a change in the weather patterns,

It is very memorable when someone changes like this.

Hey, the rainy season is also telling something,

Oh hey, her coming towards me with her hair open is troubling me.

enjoying quotes
enjoying quotes

Ask the foul weather if it is doing something,

Don’t tell me whether he is afraid of my partner.

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In today’s article, we have told you 105+ Nature Quotes which are very good and wonderful quotes and surely you would have liked them a lot. We hope friends, you liked today’s article. Friends, if you liked today’s article, then do share it with your friends so that they can also read our today’s article and they can also read the quotes given by us.

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