Best 105+ Swami Vivekananda Quotes in English (2024)

Swami Vivekananda Quotes
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In today’s article, we have told you 105+ Swami Vivekananda Quotes which are very good and wonderful quotes and you are definitely going to like them a lot. Friends, as you know Swami Vivek Anand ji was a very respectable and good-natured person and that is why even today people talk about him and like to listen to him.

Friends, if you are also searching for Swami Vivekananda Quotes on Google but are not able to find the quotes, then there is no need to worry because today you have reached the right article in which we have given you more than 105 such quotes. Which have been made famous by Vivekananda ji. So come friends, let us know which are more than 105 quotes.

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vivekananda quotes for students
Vivekananda quotes for students

Considering yourself weak is the biggest sin.

Each soul is patentially divine the goal is to manifest the divinity within.

Word as if you were a stranger is this land a sojourner work incessantly,

but do not bind yourselves bondage is terrible.

Do one thing at a time, and while doing it

Put your entire soul into it and forget everything else.

Calling your self weak is the biggest sin. Whom do you fear?

You are the Brahman the supreme the eternal.

This world will always continue to be a mixture of good and evil our

duty is to sympathize with the weak and to love even the wrongdoer.

Bharat is there ready waiting She is only sleeping.

Arise and awake and see her seated here on her eternal throne.

What the nation wants is pluck & scientific enius.

We want great spirit tremendous energy.

Go all of you where prople are in distress & mitigate sufferings,

On you lie hopes of our country.

Let there be action without reaction.

action is pleasant all misery is reaction.

May shankara keep us steady in purity,

patience an perseverance !

Every soul is destined to be perfect and every being,

in the end will attain the state of perfection.

There is not one spark of real enjoyment there,

all the joy there is a mere reflection of the true bliss.

The national ideals of India are renunciation and service

intesify Har in this channels and the rest will take care of itself.

vivekananda quotes on success
Vivekananda quotes on success

Every soul like every particle of matter,

Is perfectly dependent on the will of God.

The whole world is full of God and not of sin, let us help one another,

Let us love one another.

Ask nothing want anything in return gift what you have to give,

It will come back to you but do not think of that now.

I love you all ever so much but I would wish you all to die working for others,

I should be rather glad to see you do that.

I for one thoroughly believe that no power in the universe

can with hold from anyone anything they really deserve.

Society does not go down because of the activities for criminals,

But because of the inactivities of good people.

He my call Mahatman whose heart bleeds for the poor otherwise he is a duratman.

The whole Universe only the self with variations,

one tune made bearable by variations.

Each Nation must give in order to live,

When you give life you will have life.

Give the last bit of bread you have even if you are starving,

You will be perfect you will become God.

Work and workship are necessary to take away the veil,

to Lift of the wondage and illusion.

The power of love is infintely of Greater potency then the power of hatred.

Don’t ask anything, don’t ask for anything in return. Give what you have to give.

He will come back to you but don’t think about him right now.

Learn to take risks in life, if you win you will go further,

If you lose, you will help others move forward.

vivekananda quotes on youth
Vivekananda quotes on youth

The light of knowledge eliminates all darkness.

Best 110+ Swami Vivekananda Suvichar

He who has no faith in himself can never have faith in god.

Time is like water you can’t touch the same water again,

Once something is past, it is past.

This is the quality of good people

That they don’t have to remember, they are remembered.

Only cowards sin, brave men never no not even in mind.

Let people say what they like, believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet.

If you have a strong grip on circumstances,

So even those who spit poison cannot harm you.

Education is the manifestation of the perfection that is already in man.

Meditation can turn fools into saints but unfortunately the mouth never meditates.

Love the one who changes you,

Otherwise he is also a drunkard.

Live for an ideal and leave no

place in the mind for anything else.

Get up, wake up and don’t get up until you achieve.

No matter what you are or what you look like,

What matters is what you can do.

Face the brutes that is a lesson for all life,

face the teririble face it boldly.

Whatever makes you weak,

Physical, intellectual or mental, discard it like poison.

vivekananda quotes with explanation
Vivekananda quotes with explanation

When one day you don’t face any problem,

So you can be sure that you are walking on the wrong path.

One vision I see clear as life before me,

that the ancient mother has a wakened once more.

One who struggles is better than one who does not try.

Being busy is not enough, ants are also busy.

The question is what work you are busy with.

Give me few men and women who are pure and selfless,

and I shall shake the world.

It’s a great way to explore the limits of what’s possible.

To go beyond the limits of the impossible.

If you want to create an identity then create it in such a way that if,

If someone speaks ill of you, the other person may not believe it.

Make me conditions and none will be imposed.

Let us give out of our own bounty. Just as God gives to us.

When a thought takes exclusive possession of the mind,

Then it transforms into a real physical or mental state.

The world will not change with your advice,

The world will change by your example.

A man should not be judged by the nature of his duties,

but by the manner in which he does them.

The greatest secret of true success and happiness is the man or woman who asks for nothing in return,

The completely selfless person is the most successful.

quotes by swami vivekananda on youth
quotes by swami vivekananda on youth

While walking on the path to success,

There will be less people holding hands and more people pulling legs.

I for one throughly believe that no power in the universe

can with hold from anyone anything he really deserves.

The powers of the brain are like the rays of the sun,

When she is focused she shines.

Too much comfort and too much love

Makes a person handicapped.

All religions are diffrent expressions of the same truth all march on her die out.

If used for good,

So it becomes the root of evil.

Whose dreams are high and wonderful,

Their exams are also tough.

It is but baby’s play and we know that,

so cannot be disturbed by it.

No goal is greater than the courage of man,

Only he who did not fight lost.

Think, don’t worry.

Let go of new ideas.

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Seek the science of the maker and not that of the made.

We always try to call our weakness our strength,

Our sentiments are called love and our cowardice is called patience.

If it is difficult, it will last for a few days.

But success will last throughout life.

The greatest religion is to be true to your own nature,

Have faith in yourselves.

vivekananda quotes youth
Vivekananda quotes youth

The fire which gives us warmth can also destroy us, it is not a friend of fire.

Fighting is not a problem for me, it is my hobby.

Winning is not my need, it is my passion.

God is present in every jiva there is no other God besides that.

Who serves Jiva serves god indeed.

Experience is your best teacher, keep learning as long as you have life.

It is not necessary that everyone has a good beginning.

Some people win the game even after losing.

Who cares for name? Off with it.

One must give up anything for the truth,

But the truth should not be left for anyone.

Politics is a game played by clever people,

Foolish people discuss all day long.

Each of us heir apparent to the emperor of emperors.

Keep thinking good thoughts continuously,

This is the only way to remove bad thoughts from the mind

It is not necessary to have many relationships in life,

But it is important to have life in the relationships that exist.

Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways yet each one can be true.

Jokes and money should be spent very thoughtfully.

Where fear ends, life begins.

Give up the identification with the body and stand up.

Don’t give up before doing something

Otherwise it will never be good.

It is better to become a small gardener than becoming a big servant, you will be happy.

Stand upon the self then only can we truly love the world.

Love is something that is free in childhood,

In youth one has to earn and in old age one has to ask.

Quotes In English
Quotes In English

Whatever challenges you,

That’s what changes you.

If I cannot get nectar shall I fall back upon ditch water.

People who are good at heart and have good brains enjoy them a lot.

Whatever your focus is on other than your goal is your ultimate enemy.

Ignorance is the mother of all evil and all the misery we see.

People get separated due to mistakes made in life, time keeps passing by

Even if separated people meet again, mistakes cannot be forgotten.

Those who don’t make rules for themselves,

They have to follow others’ rules.

No more axcuses no more complaining no more blaming.

There are some things which we do not tell even to our mother,

But there are some people whom we can tell are our friends

It is said in the sastras that those who serve the servents of God are His greatest servants.

Great sacrifices have to be made for great work.

Vivekanand ji quotes
Vivekanand ji quotes

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