Top 105+ Best Love Quotes in English For Couples (2024)

Love Quotes
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In today’s article, we have told you 105+ Love Quotes which are very good and wonderful quotes and you are definitely going to like them a lot. Friends, as you know, when someone recites love poetry or quotes to us or shares it with us through any social media, then a feeling arises in our mind which we call the feeling of love.

Friends, if you also love someone then you are ready to do anything for him and you start liking the person whom you love the most. So friends, if you also want to send quotes to the one you love, then now you do not need to worry because today you have reached the right article, so friends, let us know what are the 105+ Quotes.

Best 101+ Good Morning Quotes

romantic quotes
romantic quotes

Life would be very easy if everyone knew each other.

And learn the art of loving yourself.

Go to the place where you find peace often.

Keep the book whose story sounds like yours close to your heart.

Life is very short, give time and love to yourself as well as others.

If you have the ability to spend your entire life with someone’s memories

If you keep it then believe that you truly love them.

A friend is someone who knows everything about you

And still loves you.

Friends had asked us what is life?

So we told you your name.

Love is life. And if you love you miss life.

There is always something left to love,

And if you ain’t learned that you ain’t learned nothing.

A man is already halfway in love with,

any woman who listen to him.

Choose an job you love and you will,

never have to work a day in your life.

You are the medicine for my heart’s disease,

You are the relief that brings peace to my heart.

Love is like war, easy to begin but very hard to stop.

Ever has it been that love knowns not its,

own depth untill the hour of separation.

Lovers need to know how to lose themselves,

and then how to find themselves again.

Love prossessed not nor will it be prossessed,

For love is sufficient unto love.

True love is quiescent, expect in the,

nascent moments of true humility.

Only divine love bestows the keys of knowledge.

Love has no age, no limit,

and no death.

Love is the whole and more than all.

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

Man dreams of fame while woman wakes to love.

quotes hindi
Quotes Hindi

Tis better to have loved and lost,

than never to have loved at all.

Listen my love, if I ever get angry, don’t get upset.

I have no one else in this world except you.

Your partner should not be beautiful but should be true.

Value your relationships and money equally

Both are difficult to earn but very easy to lose..!

He asked about our well being,

So we said that we have prayed for you.

Be careful and fall in love,

If you settle in your mother-in-law, you will become intoxicated.

I only know what is ours and what is someone else’s.

The one who understands emotions is his own, and the one who is beyond emotions is a stranger..!

We asked our hearts, what is love?

So they told us your name.

Never break trust, heart, promise, relationship, love in life.

No relation with one’s share

It works with the participation of both..!

When you are together,

So every moment of life becomes beautiful.

Love begins with eyes,

Punishment begins with crimes,

It is said that love is also a crime,

Which starts with the innocents.

Best 101+ Radha Krishna Shayari

What a turn a little time has taken

We found our own people at the front of the line of strangers..!

Everyone falls in love, but

Only you taught me to fulfill it.

Love is that in which truth is with you,

You should feel everything about your partner, be proud of his every action,

Feel close despite being far away.

There are some relationships in life which are not dependent on any position or prestige.

They rest on the foundation of affection and trust..!

quotes for him
quotes for him

If there is no madness in the love then that love is not love.

Love should be in the heart, not in words.

And resentment should be in words and not in the heart.

Don’t make relationships dependent on words.

If any of your loved ones is silent then raise your voice yourself..!

Don’t seduce your lovers by touching them like this,

Don’t make me fall in love like this in dreams.

Maybe we have no value in people’s eyes,

But there must be someone who will hold our hand and be proud of himself.

relationships that are built in silence

He is not dependent on words..!

Yesterday I was passing by his street,

How can I tell you what was going on with me?

I am waiting for his acceptance, Don’t know why I love him so much.

Love is not that which is expressed by saying I love you,

Love is something that is understood without being expressed.

Feelings change, nothing else

Otherwise love and hate come from the same heart..!

There are thousands of gatherings and lakhs of fairs,

But where you are not there we are completely alone.

Love is not something that looks golden all the time,

Love is something that also brings along sweet nothings.

Maintaining a relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea

You have to hurt yourself for someone else’s happiness..!

quotes for her
quotes for her

We have seen many good looking people,

But the good at heart has only seen you.

Love is not what is seen on the restaurant table,

Love is that which adds taste to homemade dal and roti.

It is not necessary to learn all the lessons from books only.

Life and relationships teach some lessons..!

When we got you, this life became complete.

Otherwise this person thirsty for love would keep wandering from one place to another.

Love is not the relationship that forms between two people.

Love is what unites two families.

Relationship should be from heart, not from words

Anger should be in words and not in the mind..!

The message of the stars has come from the sky,

The moon of this place has come in your destiny.

Love is not something that happens just by virtues,

Love is that which accepts even the vices.

Relationships are not those that are linked by birth

Relationships are great which are connected with the heart..!

Whatever was there in my happy life, it was you who fulfilled it.

We were not worthy of your love.

Still you chose only us.

Love is not something that comes from rose petals,

Love is that which makes you face even its thorns.

Some people maintain relationships like melting wax.

And some people turn into fire and keep burning them..!

Since then we have become like this,

Ever since I fell in love with you

feeling quotes
feeling quotes

Love is not the one that sings in the gardens,

Love is the one who helps in household chores.

He came to understand the depth of the relationship

I drowned myself in it..!

The beauty of relationships lies in understanding each other,

You will find a person like you,

Then you will be left alone.

Love is not what happens at first sight,

Love is that which stays with you till your last breath.

Life goes on alone

People console but not support..!

Love is a fruit that is found in every season

And which everyone can achieve.

Best 101+ Good Morning Quotes

Love is not that which is achieved by the beauty of the face,

Love is that which recognizes the beauty of the mind.

Always share smile and blessings in every relationship

Relationships will always be happy..!

The relationship of love is sacred and superior to all relationships in the world.

Love is not something that breaks into pieces of paper,

Love is something that goes beyond life and death.

If a relationship is forced then that relationship does not last long.

Therefore, make the relationship strong and not forced..!

Love is infinite faith, infinite patience and infinite strength.

Love happens even in school and college.

But true love is that which emerges from the ravages of time.

destroys deep inside

Those tears which cannot fall from the eyes..!

There is only one basic mantra of love and that is service.

It is only when one falls in love with someone that one realizes it,

Why is he called our half?

Whose fault is it if God dies?

Now our relations are shattered..!

short quotes
short quotes

A true friend can teach us the language of love,

This is possible when true love is present.

Love is a fruit that is found in any season

And which anyone can achieve.

Those people lose relationships

People who give more importance to their ego than relationships..!

In true love man forgets himself.

If someone breaks, learn to mend it, if someone gets angry, learn to console him.

Relationships are given by destiny, just learn to maintain them beautifully..!

The condition that nectar will rain in every relationship is this much.

That there are no conspiracies on mischievous taxes..!

Whatever strong and lasting happiness we have in our lives,

Love is 90% responsible for that.

If you ever have to choose between money and relationships, always choose relationships.

Because money keeps coming and going but relationships never come back..!

Relationships are not those that are linked by birth

Relationships are great which are connected with the heart..!

Love is a state in which the happiness of the other person,

It becomes necessary for you.

Words less in kinship and

There should be more wisdom..!

I maintained my relationship with him honestly

He just didn’t accept me..!

Love is like the wind, you can’t see it,

In fact, you can feel it.

Relationships also end due to pride

It is not always the fault of mistakes..!

If two people never fight then understand

Relationships are being maintained with the mind and not with the heart..!

Neither the wish of the moon nor the request of the stars,

My only wish is to meet you in every birth.

the pain in the heart subsides

If we were you and me..!

I had adopted a relationship with him

He left and we broke up..!

People often ask the secret of my happiness,

If you allow, I will tell you your name.

It takes a minute to make fun of relationships

And the whole life is spent in building a relationship..!

whether the relationship is very deep or not

But trust should be very deep..!

You are my love, that’s why you are away from me,

If she had the willpower, she would have been in her arms by now.

very short quotes for him
very short quotes for him

Love is the Force that transforms and,

improves the soul of the world.

Best 115+ Anniversary Shayari


In today’s article, we have told you more than 105 such quotes that you can send to your partner, with the help of which your partner will be very happy with you. Friends, we hope you liked today’s article. Friends, if you liked our today’s article, then do share it with your friends so that they can also read our today’s article.

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