Best 101+ Mother’s Day Quotes & Wishes in English (2024)

Mother’s Day Quotes
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Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you are doing very well. As you all know, we bring new good thoughts articles on our website. Today we are going to share good Mother’s Day Quotes through this article. If you also love your mother and want to read some funny thoughts for her, then this article is going to be very beneficial for you.

Mother is the one who gets the most attention. If a person is successful in doing something, then mother’s values ​​and teachings also support him. Mother is one of the many forms of God. The man who made his mother happy while she was alive might think he has found God. It is the most amazing and powerful creation of God. So come friends, let us know which are more than 101 Mother’s Day Quotes.

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mother's day quotes in hindi
Mother’s Day quotes in Hindi

there is never any curse on his lips

There is only one mother who never gets angry..!

That person can never be poor

Whose mother’s shadow is on his head..!

If I open my eyes, my mother’s face should be there;

if I close my eyes, my dreams should be of my mother’s.

Even if I die, there will be no sorrow,

but if I get a shroud then the dupatta should be my mother’s.

whose love does not last till death

Instead she calls him mother..!

Your lot for your children’s dreams

Only mother can strangle desires..!

Mom, I miss you, come to me, I’m tired, make me sleep in your lap,

Running your fingers through my hair, sing the lullaby of childhood to me once again.

whether sad or happy

My heart has called you mother..!

Youth fades, love withers, friendship leaves fall.

The hidden hope of a mother transcends them all..!

A prayer from “Mother” will make life better, it will cry itself but will make you laugh,

Never make “Mother” cry even by mistake, one small mistake will shake the whole world.

no matter how big you get

When I am sick, I remember only my mother..!

Someone got the house and someone else’s shop.

I was the youngest in the house, so my mother took my share..!

What is that thing which is not found here?

Everything is found but “mother” is not found,

Friends, parents are such that we never meet again in life.

Keep them happy and then see where heaven is not found.

There is no such role in life

Which is more important than motherhood..!

heart touching mothers quotes
heart touching mothers quotes

Children who do not have their father’s hand on their head

For them their mother is no less than a HERO..!

When a mother feeds her children and puts them to sleep,

Only then does mother find some peace,

What is called love? And what is love?

Someone should ask those children whose mother passes away.

No matter how many beautiful faces there are in the world,

there is no one more beautiful than a mother.

Similarly, for a mother, the most beautiful face is that of her child..!

In this place you will find many people who love you,

but behind that love they have some need hidden.

But only mother will love without any need..!

Even if we forget our mother in happiness,

When trouble comes, I remember mother,

Mother is the first teacher of life, mother is the first friend of life,

Life is also a mother because the one who gives life is also a mother.

A mother is one who can replace all others

But no one else can take the place of a mother..!

Mother is the one who gave birth to Dhruva, Prahlad,

Guru Nanak, Kabirdas, Tulsidas and many great men.

Mother is the reason behind all these becoming great..!

Made the relationship with mother something to be cherished,

My relationship with him is something like this,

If he is sad then we can’t even smile.

I feel every sound I make

The one who has a mother has the blessings of someone above him..!

on whose head is mother’s lap

He doesn’t need any roof in the world..!

This journey that seems easy even on difficult roads,

This seems to me to be the effect of my mother’s blessings.

It’s been a while since my mother did not sleep, Tabish.

I once said that I am scared.

Mother is the first friend. Mother is the best friend.

And mother is always a friend..!

Who has handled all my pain with a smile

I have found the same mother crying alone in the room..!

If there was no mother, who would be loyal, who would pay the dues of affection?

Lord, keep every mother safe, otherwise who will pray for us.

The Google of a small house is the mother who knows everything.

From your belongings to your emotions..!

beautiful words for mother
Those beautiful words for the mother

The child’s paradise is under the mother’s feet.

Those who hurt their mother can never go to heaven..!

The punishment for some of our sins also follows,

We no longer walk alone, medicine also walks with us.

My mother is still alive, nothing will happen to me,

Whenever I leave the house, prayers also follow me.

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So I touched every mark of every peak

When mother took me in her lap, she touched the sky..!

The child is in trouble and does not sleep the whole night. How to tell?

Mother can never describe it in words..!

I don’t know why today my own house seems unknown to me,

After you leave, it looks like an empty house and not a home.

When there are four pieces of bread and five people eating it

Then mother is going to say that I am not hungry..!

when you are looking at your mother

So you are looking at the truest love in the world..!

My childhood passed in your lap,

Every heartbeat is related to you only,

Mother says everything but for me you are God.

Mother is the easiest word in the world

And God himself resides in this word..!

We have to prove ourselves to show the world that we are the best.

There is only one mother who knows this thing since our birth..!

All the lanterns giving light were extinguished,

The letters from the sons did not come and the mothers were upset.

Children may leave mother hungry as they grow up

But the mother has the courage to feed her children even when they grow old..!

mother is like that flower

Which makes the whole family fragrant..!

Mother’s blessings travel miles to reach her,

That when the son leaves to go abroad.

If at first you don’t succeed try doing it that way

The way mother told you in the beginning..!

You talk about heaven, I have seen no place more beautiful than this.

Whenever my mother caressed my head, I have never seen a God greater than her..!

The evil people call us enemies,

We also call the soil of this country as mother.

I don’t know why even small things seem special.

There is a different sweetness in life in living with mother..!

mother quotes in english
mother quotes in english

when my mother is happy

So I think my God is happy with me..!

Even now, when the storm of sorrow blows,

‘Rana’ mother’s love hides me in her arms.

When there are four pieces of bread and five people to eat,

Mother is the one who says ‘I am not hungry’..!

Mother’s love has no value,

Who can forget mother’s love?

Only mother’s lorry made us sleep at night.

I tore all the books of Chahat yesterday evening,

Only the words ‘Mother’ were left written on a piece of paper.

It’s been a while since my mother hasn’t slept.

Once I said that I am scared..!

Mother, I will go to you,

I will bathe my whole life,

That of all you seem the dearest to me,

You are the goddess of love, I want to be with you forever.

God has blessed every woman in the world with this quality,

That even if he goes mad, his son will remember him.

Youth fades, love becomes sad

The leaves of friendship fall, but the secret hope of a mother remains alive even after this..!

I saw adulteration in every relationship,

Saw the decoration in crude colors,

But I have seen my mother for years,

Never saw tiredness on his face,

Never seen any adulteration in affection!

Mother, to save yourself from the dust of accidents,

We will take only your blessings with us.

Even though there are thousands of sorrows, I still swell with happiness.

When my mother laughs, I forget all my sorrows..!

How can I tell you how we are living, I want to hug you, I want

Come back but I am sending love in this message, my dear mother.

I am still not afraid of elders,

That as long as mother remains awake, I don’t go home.

mother quotes from daughter
mother quotes from daughter

If at first you don’t succeed try doing it that way

The way mother told you in the beginning..!

You don’t get so much peace anywhere else, you get as much peace as you do in mother’s love.

It is very sweet and tender, nothing is more precious than a mother’s love.

As long as I have been in the sun, I have been making a sheet,

I remained my mother’s last jewel,

Have seen Azaan with moving eyes,

I have not seen heaven, I have seen mother.

Mother is a precious person in life

Which cannot be expressed in words..!

Mother had taken care of us all her life, but life has made us cry,

Where does the habit of thorns come from?

Mother has always made us sleep in her lap.

I wish I could be an angel again,

I should cling to my mother in such a way that I would become a child.

yes i agree mother is very angry

But she stands with me in every trouble..!

Look at these depths of soul relationships, we feel hurt and mother screams,

Even if we forget our mother in happiness, when trouble comes we remember our mother.

Don’t feel bad if your parents scold you sometimes.

Rather, think that if you don’t stand firm even when you make a mistake, who else will scold you?

Where does the world forgive mistakes sir?

She is the mother who makes us forget every problem with a smile..!

There is a personality, my love, who is more important than my life,

If God orders you, prostrate yourself before her, because she is none other than my mother.

Know the words of mother who can read with her eyes,

Be it pain or happiness, recognize the tears.

The person who loves unconditionally is Mahi,

The one who lived for the children.

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Where does the world forgive mistakes sir?

She is the mother who makes us forget every problem with a smile..!

I am the best, you fool, I am the best.

No matter how big I become, I am still your child.

The food items that mother has sent,

The village has become stale but the pride remains the same.

mother quotes
mother quotes

Every story of mine has a story

My mother is a part of my life..!

Mother’s every word seems lovely, mother keeps everyone in her heart,

Within a moment one falls into a sweet sleep, when the mind is lulled to sleep by listening to lullabies.

Sleep did us a favor and made us sleep,

He made us laugh by shedding his tears,

Never give him pain,

Even God says that she is mother.

Emotions are different but the matter is same

Should I call her mother or God, it is one thing..!

If you want true love, meet your mother.

There is only one mother who never lacks love.

Life is desolate without mother,

In a lonely journey, every place is deserted,

It is important to have a mother in life,

Every difficulty becomes easy only with mother’s blessings.

With great prayer I asked God for the address of heaven.

So God took me off my lap and made me sleep in my mother’s arms..!

Saying this the mother stole the bundle of fruits from the temple,

Many more people will come to feed you, Gopal.

But if I don’t commit this sin of theft, my son will die of hunger.

Aziz is also there, Naseeb is also there,

He is also poor among the crowd of the world,

My life goes on with his blessings,

Because he is himself and his destiny is also there.

The child initially receives food from the mother’s breast.

But it always remains in his heart..!

How can I forget my first love, how can I break her trust,

I will surrender my whole life at his feet, I will leave this world for his sake.

In the glimpse of the beautiful world, in every eyelid of the face,

The shine of gold and silver fades in front of the mother,

the shine of every diamond is visible in the face of the mother.

If there is any evil inside me then I am responsible for it.

And if there is any goodness in me then my mother is responsible for it..!

His blessings have such an effect that they awaken good fortune.

All sorrows and pains disappear, mother adds charm to life.

Jazbaat Maa Ke Song Maa Zikr Tumhara,

He appears in my thoughts as my own incomplete shadow,

Without your personality, I cannot even see life.

quotes from daughter
quotes from daughter

All the fame I have in my world is because of my mother.

Oh my God, what else will you give me? My mother is my biggest wealth..!

When there is no speech in front of the circumstances,

She recognizes every pain in silence, she is a clear “mother”.

With mother’s emotions, mother’s mention of you,

He appears in my thoughts as my own incomplete shadow,

You don’t even know my personality to see the perspective of life.

If there was no mother, who would be loyal and who would pay the dues of motherly love?

Lord, keep every mother safe, otherwise who will pray for us..!

Some kept fast, some kept fast,

The one who kept his parents with him was accepted.

Even in the crowd, she hugs her breast and feeds her milk.

If a child is hungry then the mind forgets shame.

When you look into your mother’s eyes

Then you will know that this is the purest love you can find on this earth..!

O my Lord, you have given place to Gul in Gulshan,

Gave place to water in the ocean, gave place to birds in the sky,

You give a place in heaven to the person who gave me a place in your stomach for “nine” months.

The most pain a woman experiences in her life,

She endures while giving birth to us,

That’s why every child’s mother remains in his heart.

words for mother
words for mother

Mother is our first and best

And she is always a friend..!

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