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Life Shayari in English
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Hello friends, welcome to your Pandemic Suvichar website where we keep bringing funny poetry for you. In today’s article, we are going to tell Life Shayari in English. Do you also want to read poetry related to your life or want to share it with your friends, then this article is going to be very beneficial for you.

Everyone aspires to lead a decent life, but very few individuals actually succeed in doing so by following their values and behaving ethically. Everyone has to face challenges at some point in their life, be it of any kind or time. However, those who successfully overcome these.

Heart Touching Best Friend Shayari

They lead a happy life unlike those who give up quickly or give up but sit on their hands. If you also want to read the best Life Shayari in English, then you must read this article written by us till the end.

Often due to the happiness of loved ones,

People make their own dreams happy.

You are the only person yourself

When you think right about others..!

life shayari in english hindi
life shayari in english hindi

At the age of play, I learned to work,

It seems that the skill of living life has been learned..!

The goal is not to wear a

brand but to become one..!

Gangster Shayari in Hindi

The heart is not hopeless, it is unsuccessful,

It is a long evening of sorrow but it is evening only..!

The person who talks clearly and straight, the speech is definitely sharp and harsh,

But such a person never cheats anyone..!

Life is also like a book it tells everything

even after remaining silent..!

every element that complains over and over again

And the one who tries thousand times wins..!

Everyone should live life in two ways, first learn to like what you

have, and second learn to get what you like..!

Play your character with great determination in life,

so that the applause continues even after the curtain falls..!

An accident is definitely needed in life

till today no one has learned from just talking..!

Best 101+ Dosti Sad Shayari

Lends some sorrow, some stumbling, some screams,

Sometimes life kills before death comes…!

Where is the careless life of the world after traveling,

If life is something then where is this youth then..!

There are some pains in life that do not let you live

And some duties are such that they don’t let you die..!

Don’t learn life that much,

now give a little support..!

What is written in your destiny will come running, and what is not written in

your destiny will come and run away..!

When the decision is of the one in the sky

then there is no advocacy for the one on the ground..!

How can there not be a hole in the sky,

Throw a stone with your health friends..!

Best 100+ Short Love Shayari in English

Never underestimate anyone in life, the ocean that drowns

the whole world cannot drown even a single drop of oil..!

Apologists aren’t always wrong

Some people bow down to save the relationship..!

life shayari in english short
life shayari in english short

Life was a wave, you were a friend don’t know how we became worthy of your friendship

we will never forget that beautiful moment, when you entered our small life..!

May no one steal your laughter, may no one ever make you cry

may the lamp of happiness burn in such a way that even a storm cannot extinguish it..!

Only the birds of false pride flutter more,

There is never a sound in the flight of an eagle..!

Don’t do evil to people but to yourself

you will shine everyday..!

Pyar Bhari Shayari in Hindi

If you want to understand life, then seek

your own experience, life will be understood..!

Life is like a kite, how long will it go, be it night or age

one day or the other it will pass..!

Give peace or hope

give both not to others but to yourself..!

Only an understanding person can understand how much he is suffering.

Others can only guess about it..!

Now I am scared of him, he is unnecessarily

getting angry with me..!

Never walk behind the horse and in front of the

money Because he kicks anytime..!

love ke liye shayari in english
love ke liye shayari in english

Time will pass like this while being together, who will remember whom after being away

live this moment when we are together, tomorrow who knows where the time will take you..!

The truth of life is being understood and

lies are being told to oneself..!

You are wasting the nights unnecessarily

why are you not making efforts..!

Best 110+ Boys Attitude Shayari

At least prepare to walk, the destination is waiting for

you with outstretched arms..!

It is said that time turns noor into benoor, that’s why respect time because

it also turns coal into kohinoor..!

If you can learn something from our character then what is the point

if I can change someone’s life then what is the point..!

No one is found by crying, no one is forgotten by losing

everyone gets time to change life, but life doesn’t get time to change..!

I got only one lesson in life from people, for whom the more you made special

the more common they became..!

There is so much sorrow in this life I have seen everything now

I was angry with the world, now I am angry with myself..!

english shayari on life love
english shayari on life love

Because there is no trust in relationships, and there is no network in mobile

then people start playing games..!

Best 100+Mood Off Shayari Status in Hindi

Life is a path of difficulties, keep your destination something special

you will definitely get success, just keep your intentions pure and your courage unlimited..!

Something is visible from the tall building, if you look up

you can see the moon, if you look down you can see a flood..!

The most beautiful gift of life is

respect and honor earned here..!

If someone breaks, learn to handle it, if someone gets angry

learn to persuade him, Relationships are met with destiny, just learn to handle them beautifully..!

I have heard that the world becomes sad seeing me happy

let’s make the world more sad now..!

best shayari in english for love
best shayari in english for love

Time turns light into light, it turns small wounds into canker sores

Who wants to be separated from loved ones, but time forces everyone..!

If you cheat you will get cheated, if not today then you will get it tomorrow

if you live your life truthfully then you will get peace every moment..!

Now I have a strange desire without you

now life doesn’t ask me my wishes..!

I stayed on the way all my life, people thought that he had no destination

the reality was that I had gone out to find myself, not a destination..!

Everyone used to call me crazy, I used to roam around pretending to be crazy

I used to tell the story of my life myself and used to listen to it myself..!

Touch phone in hand, just good for status

be in touch with everyone, more good for life..!

Best 105+ Badmashi Shayari

Get out in the sun and take a bath in the clouds,

What is life, remove the books and see..!

Now the winds will decide the light,

The lamp in which there is life will remain a lamp..!

Nowadays she hurts even with her eyes

when she ignores even after seeing her eyes..!

sad shayari in english language
sad shayari in english language

No manor is more valuable than friendship, no picture is more beautiful than friendship

Friendship is a raw thread, but no chain is stronger than this thread..!

Time teaches everything in life and what time teaches

no one teaches in life..!

Everyday we fall for ourselves, and everyday we leave

everyday we turn a page of life..!

No matter how clean the road is it gets dusty.

And no matter how good a person is, mistakes happen..!

Baat Nahi Karne Ki Shayari

These strong relationships break easily

if the trust is not unbreakable..!

We are a mirror, we will remain a mirror, let them worry

Those who have something in their face and something else in their heart..!

Should not be proud that I will not need anyone,

And there should not be any misconception that everyone will need me..!

There are many issues in life, still he smiles

It is time, it will pass, this is what I convince myself….

Best 101+ Raksha Bandhan Status in Hindi


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