Best 110+ Teachers Day Quotes in English Wishes, Images (2023)

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Hello friends, welcome to our website where we keep bringing funny poetry for you. In today’s article, we will give you Teachers Day Quotes in English I am about to tell. If you also want to say some important things to your Guru, then this article of ours is going to be important for you because today we have Teachers Day Quotes in English I am about to tell.

Different days around the world are celebrated as Teachers’ Day. In India, it is celebrated on 5 September. On this day Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second President of independent India and a great teacher, is remembered. Here are some inspirational quotes, notes, and wishes that you can send to teachers in honor of Teachers’ Day to make them feel special.

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If you also want to impress your teacher on teacher and want to listen to funny shayari to them then you can download the collection written by us. Teachers Day Quotes in English Stay tuned till the end of this article.

Who makes us humans and the country recognize right and wrong

We salute other manufacturers of the country..!

Without Guru there is no knowledge, without knowledge there is no soul

Meditation, knowledge, patience and work are all the gift of the Guru..!

It is also difficult to achieve that in life without a Guru.

You have the ability to achieve that..!

I bow down to such teachers who came as light in our lives

I salute such teachers who have the skills to take us from the ground to the sky..!

Taught the lesson of peace, removed the darkness of ignorance

Guru taught us, love is victorious over hatred..!

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What is right and what is wrong, you teach these lessons, what is a lie

You explain what is the truth when I don’t understand anything, you make the path simple..!

It burns like a lamp, illuminating many lives.

In a similar way, every Guru fulfills his duty..!

Teachers are like a candle, who burns themselves to light

up the lives of all of us students..!

Inspirational Teachers Day Quotes in English
Inspirational Teachers Day Quotes in English

Teachers are such who do not turn away even after seeing shortcomings.

Even if we make a mistake, explain it to us with love. This is how teachers are..!

If you want to achieve something in life

respect the teacher..!

Ignorance brings so many problems in life

The sword of Guru’s knowledge cuts those troubles..!

I have learned that mistakes

can be as good a teacher as success..!

Where is a Guru without knowledge, there is no beginning or end to his knowledge.

Wherever the Guru gave education, the image of etiquette arose there..!

Let me tell you, what is the identity of a Guru

whoever gives knowledge in this world is equal to a Guru..!

The glory of Guru is unique by removing ignorance.

The flame of knowledge has been lit, the glory of the Guru is unique..!

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You teach the lessons of what is right and what is wrong, you explain

what is true and what is false, when I cannot understand something then you make the path simple..!

One child, one teacher, one book and one pen

can change the whole world..!

Guru is greater than God, because only

Guru takes the devotees to God..!

You see, no one comes without

Farhad and no one comes without Ustad..!

Guru lights the lamp of knowledge and removes ignorance

Guru helps us move forward on the path of progress by giving us the cube of wisdom..!

A good teacher can inspire hope

realize imagination and awaken love for learning..!

Teachers are the ones who always give the light of knowledge

Always keep the pearl of knowledge, never let the children’s attention decrease..!

There is no greater boon than education

there is no greater honor than getting the blessings of the Guru..!

The real capital of life is knowledge

teacher is the mine of this knowledge..!

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We will always be grateful to him for his

hard work and efforts in educating us..!

A good teacher is like a candle

which burns itself to light up others..!

School is a temple for me, teacher is my God

we always have respect for him in our heart..!

You teach us, explain to us, you are the one

who makes the future of our children..!

The Guru lights the lamp of knowledge, dispels the darkness of ignorance and by giving

wealth in the form of knowledge, the Guru leads us on the path of progress..!

taught the lesson of peace and erased ignorance

Darkness Guru taught us, love is victorious over hatred..!

There is no greater weapon in this world than education

And there is no sword greater than the pen..!

the chapter of his life does not begin

In whose life there is no true Guru..!

Removed ignorance and lit the flame of knowledge

We have learned by staying at the feet of the Guru..!

Knowledge gained from a book is rarely remembered for long.

But the knowledge received from the Guru is remembered till the end..!

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Life never becomes real without a teacher

life gets a shape only from the teacher..!

It burns like a lamp, illuminates many lives

in this way the Guru fulfills his duty..!

Guru and time both teach, those who disrespect

Guru’s teachings, time teaches them..!

What should I give Guru-Dakshina to Guru, I should think in my mind

I will not be able to repay the debt, even if I give my life, friend..!

Kabir tells that teachers are greater than God

because only teachers take the devotees to God..!

Time is a great teacher but

unfortunately it kills all its students..!

Teaches to walk on the path of truth

Teacher teaches the lesson of honesty..!

Guru’s grace is there then no one can beat

No matter how big the trouble is, it does not scare..!

It burns like a lamp, illuminates many lives

in the same way every teacher fulfills his duty..!

God has given us life, parents have given us love, but O Guru

I am thankful to you for learning and studying..!

Guru is the idol of parents

In this Kalyug, the face of God is Guru..,!

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Guru teaches us to follow the path of truth and honesty.

Guru teaches us as much by fighting with difficulties..!

When a person knows the Guru

Then he feels joy, love and devotion for the first time..!

Guru is the one who destroys our pride.

Makes us capable that he can be proud of us..!

Famous Quotes on Teachers Day
Famous Quotes on Teachers Day

We are the disciples of ‘Mir’ and ‘Rasikh’ of the master

the master of masters is our master..!

From Guru I have learned that mistakes

can be as good a teacher as success..!

I was in the darkness of oblivion, made me recognized, made me unaware of the

sorrows of the world, such was his grace, the Guru made me a good person..!

Guru is greater than God, because only

Guru takes the devotees to God..!

Famous Quotes for Teachers Day
Famous Quotes for Teachers Day

Earth says amber says only this tune

Guru, you are the light of wind which illuminates the world..!

We harassed you so much, yet you never got angry, while fulfilling your duty

you taught us a lesson of discipline..!

Guru is the image of parents,

Guru is the image of God in this Kalyug..!

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Guruvar’s glory is unique, his mind is like a sandalwood branch.

We are the flowers of his garden and he is the gardener of this garden..!

Taught the lesson of peace by erasing the darkness of ignorance

Guru has taught me but hatred is immense..!

Gave me the storehouse of knowledge, prepared me for the future

I have no words to thank you for the favor you have done..!

You show solutions in every difficulty of life, you don’t understand when I remember you

my life is blessed, you have become my teacher..!

When we fall, we give up and support ourselves.

Only such great persons are called teachers and gurus..!

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Today through this article we have told you Teachers Day Quotes in English I have told. You can read some lines for your Guru by reading this article of ours so that you can please your Guru. If you want to read such articles daily then But always keep visiting.

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